How to Save your Skin

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June 14, 2018
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Aging…. The thing everyone wants and no one covets. It surely beats the alternative! Between botox, facials, and gallons of water, we know you go above and beyond to cherish the treasure of youthful skin.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years (which is probably American Academy of Dermatology approved, anyway!), you have recognized that the importance of sunscreen when it comes to maintaining youthfulness.

The answer as to why is easy: research continually confirms that exposure to the sun’s harmful rays increases the opportunity for cancer of the skin to develop. In fact, the Academy even states that “Sunscreen is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth.” How about that?

We want to help you not only diminish the damage of the sun’s harmful rays, but prevent against further damage as well.

AAD approved tips for saving the youthfulness and health of your skin

Apply Sunscreen Daily

  • The AAD has a suggested use of 30 SPF or higher

 Perform Skin Self-Exams

  • Look at your body from head to toe as best as possible
  • Ask a partner to examine hard to see areas, or use a mirror
  • Check places such as the soles of your feet and behind your knees

Choose Alternative Tanning products

  • Spray tans and self-tanner offer the same glow without the side effects of the tanning bed or hours outside

Keep in mind that though these are tips for caring for your skin, there is beauty to be had at every stage of life. The most beautiful skin is healthy skin, and that is what we want for you!


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