10 Food That Can Damage Your Skin

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July 9, 2018
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July 24, 2018

Well today I will share the list of top ten food items that we consume almost regularly but they cause a lot of harm to our skin. So this article is a WARNING for all you beauties to avoid these food as far as possible, you don’t want an aged skin?? I am sure you don’t…!

Well well well, many of you might be having white bread in the morning in one form or the other but hey stop it today as it has real bad impacts on your skin. It is high in gluten which can worsen your acne. Whaaatttt??? Well yeah it will, so stop it today beauties! Switch to brown bread istead.

Ummm yum yum yum,do you have a sweet tooth??? I am so sad to tell you this that it is an immunity killer. It kills your immunity to fight acne. Sad it is but the truth. So don’t have it, well I know how tough it will be for some of you, as I myself am a die-hard chocolate lover but my skin comes first for me.

I have met a lot of candy lovers. Lots of my girlfriends just love candies but you want a young skin don’t you?? Well these are slow skin killers as I would call them. They can make your skin dry and cause early wrinkles. And as for that I would say “Nooooo I don’t want them”..! neither the candies nor the wrinkles.

Well this one will be the toughest of the lot. It’s like divorcing the guy you love. Who doesn’t like a cup full of hot coffee after work, heavenly! But it also causes your skin to dry and with dry skin wrinkles and fine lines are not far away from your face.

Hey honey the salt is less, Add some more! Are you one of those?? But babes having too much salt can leave behind puffy eyes and also affects your skin. So mind it the next time.

This isn’t that big a great problem but if you have it in excess, it will be one. It is a leading cause of acne. It has ruined the skin of many. It can increase the production of sebum which results in acne.

Well boozing regularly can dehydrate your skin which makes it look dull. It makes your skin look older. To counter that or even otherwise increase the intake of water in your diet.

It destroys collagen and makes your skin sag, thus if you want that wrinkle free tight skin, avoid sugar. Shift to green tea, black coffee and reduce that sugar intake.

It is rich in vitamin C and natural acids, they cause breakouts around nose and mouth. Though you can have them in controlled numbers if you have normal skin but surely avoid it if you have sensitive skin.

This thing is highly inflammatory and can cause some real bad acne. So it’s a complete no no if you want a beautiful and young skin. Don’t have it girls.

I know girls how tough it is to leave out some of the your most favorite food items from your diet. But you have to conquer your craving and get rid of some habits that end up spoiling your skin. I believe in a pro-active approach and I think, so would you. So instead of spending tons of money on curing the ageing signs I want us to not let them arise early. I hope you would be able to work on this. Even I am trying. I hope to definitely hear from you, your side of the story of coming over these. Eagerly waiting…!

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